How Much is Shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on the items that are in your cart. You can view your shipping costs before you proceed to purchase.  From time to time we offer free shipping promotions, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter as our sales are announced via our newsletter and social media pages. 


Quarter 1: A Different World                                                  

  • Spring Semester  (SOLD OUT)
  • Subscriber Bill Date: December 1st
  • SHIPS: January

Quarter 2: An Ode to Melanin

  • Spring Break  (SOLD OUT)
  • Subscriber Bill Date: March 1st 
  • SHIPS: Late April 

Quarter 3: There's No Place Like An HBCU 

  • Summer School 
  • Subscriber Bill Date: June 1st 
  • SHIPS: Late July

Quarter 4: The Vintage Box (1970s) 

  • Fall Semester
  • Subscriber Bill Date: September 1st  
  • SHIPS: Late October 


The FAMUly Box 

  • Order by March 31st - Shipped by Late April 
  • Order by May 31st - Shipped by Late June 
  • Order by July 25th - Shipped by Late August 

    Fresh on the Yard Box 

    • Box Closes Monday, June 14th 
    • Boxes Ship Late July   

    The Homecoming Box 

    • Box Closes August 7th
    • Boxes Ship September 10th