HBCUs Are A Different World (Quarterly Subscription Box)

A Different World Long Sleeve Tee:
Throwback Sweater:




Exclusively HBCU LLC. is the FIRST quarterly HBCU Inspired subscription Box. You have selected the Non-Subscription Option. There will always be 4 signature items in each box that coordinate with our themes. Want to learn more about this quarter's theme? Keep reading below! 

So we know you want to know, what is the theme this quarter?!

HBCUs Are A Different World

The Quarterly Box, HBCUs Are A Different World, is everything you would want in a subscription box and more. If you decide to switch to the Subscription option, each quarter you will receive an assortment of HBCU items that will allow you to showcase your school with pride and in every aspect of your life. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 

An ode to the first place that we learned to love ourselves while also loving the HBCU experience. This box is everything you need to showcase your HBCU pride for YOUR HBCU Cousins. 


1. On The "Hill"-man Throwback Crew

A Different World, the TV show was just that. Take a look at our recreation of how A Different World would look today at your HBCU. 

Please note, that this item will be customized to your HBCU.

2. HBCUs Are A Different World Long Sleeve Tee

The temperatures may have dropped, but we are still coming with that heat! Showcase your love for HBCU culture with our authentic long sleeve tee. (This item is a unisex fit) 

3. Dwayne's Glasses

We couldn't have a box dedicated to A Different World and not bring you the signature look of Dwayne! We can't wait to see how y'all style this Cousins! 

4. Pin It

Snag your authentic lapel pins with the stand out characters from the show. Yes, you will get all 3; Freddie, Kim, Whitley and Ron! Which is your favorite Cousin!? 

Please note, that this item will be customized to your HBCU.

KEEP READING TO GET ANSWERS ON FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!  1. WILL MY BOX BE CATERED TO MY HBCU AND HOW? Upon check out, you will select the HBCU that you want your box to be tailored to. Once your order is processed, we work behind the scenes to ensure your box is custom to YOUR HBCU only.  2. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY BOX? Our subscription is shipped to our Cousins (you) quarterly and adhere to our quarterly shipping schedule that can be found on our website. Click HERE to know the date that your boxes will be shipped.    3. WHAT IF I WANT TO SHIP MY BOX TO SOMEONE ELSE AS A GIFT? Once you subscribe to our site, you will have access to your member portal. You can change sizing, shipping information and which HBCU you'd like to represent all in your portal. We receive the information the moment it is updated.  4. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT A SUBSCRIPTION BUT I WANT THAT PARTICULAR BOX?
We got you Cousins! We have an option at the checkout that allows you to purchase the box without the subscription. This means that you will receive this box alone and will not be enrolled in our subscription list. But after receiving the box that you wanted, we know that you will love it and enroll anyway lol.  5. WHAT HAPPENS IF I WANT TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION? If you choose to cancel your subscription, you can do so via your member portal with a simple click. You can also skip a box if you want to. You do not have to contact us to do either, everything is done with a simple click in your member portal.  6.WILL THE ITEMS IN THE BOX BE EXACTLY LIKE THE DESCRIPTION? Yes. All of the items you see and are described is exactly what you get. Our company is 1000% transparent, which is why we give you a full description of everything that comes in each box. The only thing that you may get is some extra goodies from us from time to time.  7. DO YOU ALL GIVE BACK TO HBCUs AND HBCUs STUDENTS WITH YOUR PROCEEDS? We LOVE this question! Yes! Our mission is to create amazing apparel/boxes for our HBCU community, but it is also to give back. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes into our Exclusively HBCU scholarship fund. We award a scholarship(s) with each box that is released! We also work with Alumni chapters, other HBCU businesses and HBCU organizations to partner and give back! This is OUR community and if we don't do our part to give back, who will?! 8. DO YOU HAVE A REFERRAL PROGRAM WHERE I CAN EARN FREE BOXES AND APPAREL? 

Our referral program is currently being constructed and will drop soon! What does this mean for you Cousins? With each referral, you will accumulate points to win freebies from our site and ultimately, free BOXES! That's what you wanted to hear right?! Well, all you have to do is just tell the rest of your HBCU family and friends about all the amazing things that we are doing at Exclusively HBCU. 


Thank you for all the love and support and we can't wait for you to get to the latest Exclusively HBCU Cousin! 

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